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Chong Sha, Ph.D., Lecturer

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Chong Sha, Ph.D., Lecturer


2009.09 - 2015.06, School of Biotechnology, Jiangnan University, Ph.D.;

2005.09 - 2009.06, School of Biotechnology, Jiangnan University, B.S.

Working Experience:

2015.09 – now, School of Environment and Safety Engineering, Jiangsu University, lecturer.

Research Interests:

Cloning genes and high-level expression of novel industrial enzymes;

Improving the industrial usability of enzymes by directed evolution and high-throughput screening;

Studying the molecular catalysis mechanism between structure and function.

Journal Papers:

1. Chong Sha, Xiao-Wei Yu, Yan Xu, et al. Enhancement of lipase r27RCL production in Pichia pastoris by regulating gene dosage and co-expression with chaperone Protein Disulfide Isomerase. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 2013, 53: 438-443.

2. Chong Sha, Xiao-Wei Yu, Yan Xu, et al. Efficient secretion of lipase r27RCL in Pichia pastoris by enhancing the disulfide bond formation pathway in the Endoplasmic Reticulum. Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2013, 40: 1241-1249.

3. Chong Sha, Xiao-Wei Yu, Yan Xu, et al. Impact of gene dosage on the Production of lipase from Rhizopus chinensis CCTCC M201021 in Pichia pastoris. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 2013, 169: 1160-1172.

4. Xiao-Wei Yu, Chong Sha, Yong-Liang Guo, Rong Xiao, Yan Xu, High-level expression and characterization of a chimeric lipase from Rhizopus oryzae for biodiesel production, (2013) Biotechnology for Biofuels 6:29

Funding Support:

1. Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province;

2. Start-up Fund for Introduced Scholar of Jiangsu University

Chong Sha, Ph.D.

Phone: +86-13655280517

Email: jnshachong@hotmail.com

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