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Faculty Recruitment


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  1. A Ph.D. in Plant Science, Metabolic Engineering, Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, or other closely related fields.

  2. The candidate should have published a least 2~3 first-authored research papers in top international Journals in the related fields.

  3. The candidates of fresh Ph.D. should be younger than 35, all the candidates should be younger than 45.

  4. Reference letters from your Ph.D. supervisor and another top scientist in your field.

Application Package:

1. CV (including full publication list and research statement);

2. 2-3 representative papers;

3. 2 reference letters.

Contacts: Jian-Zhong Sun, jzsun1002@ujs.edu.cn; jzsun1002@hotmail.com

The University offers the successful candidates competitive salary, research and administrative funds and other benefits. Applicants should forward full CV, contact information, and a personal statement anytime to Prof. Jian-Zhong Sun.

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