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Yilin Le, Ph.D., Lecturer

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Yilin Le, Ph.D., Lecturer



2009, Ph.D., Fermentation engineering, Jiangnan university

2005, M.S., Microbiology, Nanchang university

2002, B.S., Biological engineering, Nanchang university

Working Experience:

2010.5--       Jiangsu university

Main Research Interests:

Ethanologenic Thermoanaerobacter species produce ethanol from lignocellulose.

Expression and characterization of xylanase and cellulase.

Relevant enzymes for the efficient biomass conversion.    


Selected Publications:

1.         Yilin Le, Jingjing Peng, Huawei Wu, Jianzhong Sun, Weilan Shao. An Approach to the Production of Soluble Protein from a Fungal Gene Encoding an Aggregation-Prone Xylanase in Escherichia coli. PLoS One. 2011, 6(4): e18489.

2.         Yilin Le, Jingjing Peng, Jianjun Pei, Huazhong Li, Zuoying Duan, Weilan Shao. Properties of an NAD+-dependent DNA ligase from the hyperthermophile Thermotoga maritima and its application in PCR amplification of long DNA fragments. Enzyme and Microbial Technology. 201046113-117.

3.         Jianjun Pei 1, Qing Zhou 1, Yu Jiang 1, Yilin Le 1, Huazhong Li, Weilan Shao, Juergen Wiegel. Thermoanaerobacter spp. control ethanol pathway via transcriptional regulation and versatility of key enzymes. Metab Eng       .       201012(5): 420-8. 1 These authors contributed equally to this work.  

4.         Erkang YinYilin LeJianjun PeiWeilan ShaoQiyin Yang. High-level expression of the xylanase from Thermomyces lanuginosus in Escherichia coli. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. 200824275-280.


Contact: E-mail: leyilin@163.com    



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