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Xia Li, Ph.D., Lecturer

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Xia Li, Ph.D., Lecturer


2010, Ph.D., Genetics, Nanjing Forest university

2004, B.S., Biological sciences, Shandong Normal University

Working Experience:

2010-present, Lecturer, Jiangsu University

Main Research Interests:

Mechanism for controlling plant branching development.

Genetic improvement of energy plant

Selected Publications:

1. Xia Li, Qian Su, Renhua Zheng, Guangxin Liu, Ye Lu, Liming Bian, Jinhui Chen and Jisen Shi. ClRTL1 Encodes a Chinese Fir RNase IIILike Protein Involved in Regulating Shoot Branching. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2015 2015, 16 (10), 25691-25710.

2. Xia Li, jisen-Shi. Development and Optimization of cDNA-AFLP Reaction System for Young Stem ofCunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) HookInternational conference on plant vascular biology and agriculture.June 21-24,2009.139-139

3. Li Xia, Su Qian, Shi Jisen. 2010. Optimization of cDNA-AFLP technical system for young stem tissue ofcunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook. Molecular plant breeding. 8(2): 410-416

4. Zhu Yunhua, Su Qian, Wu Wenting, Li Xia, Shi Jisen. 2007. Analysis of the Inter-species Relationships and Polymorphism on the Hemerocallis by ISSR-PCR Molecular Markers(Natural Sciences Edition). 31(6): 97-100


E-mail: lixia1069@ujs.edu.cn

Tel: +86-511-88796122

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