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Jian Wu, Ph.D, Lecturer

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Jian Wu, Ph.D, Lecturer


2010, Ph.D., Biochemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology

2005, M.S., Phytochemistry, Northwest Normal University

2001, B.S., Biology Science, Northwest Normal University

Working Experience:

2011-Present, Lecturer, Jiangsu University

2010-2011, Huabao Food Flavor Fragrance Co.Ltd.

2005-2007, Department of Science and Technology, Northwest Normal University

Main Research Interests:

Five carbon sugar (xylose) metabolic and fermentation engineering;

Enzyme engineering.

Selected Publications:

Jian Wu, JiaLe Wang, MingHua LiJinPing Lin, DongZhi Wei*. Optimization of immobilization for selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol by Gluconobacter oxydans using response surface methodology. Bioresource Technology. 2010, 101(23): 8936-8941. IF: 4.253.

Jian Wu, MingHua Li, JinPing Lin, DongZhi Wei*. Highly selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol using engineered Gluconobacter oxydans in biphasic system. Current Microbiology. 2011, 62 (4): 1123-1127. IF: 1.510.

Jian Wu, MingHua Li, JinPing Lin, DongZhi Wei*. Determination of dihydroxyacetone and glycerol in fermentation process by gas chromatograph after N-methylimidazole catalyzed acetylation. Journal of Chromatographic Science. 2011, 49 (5): 375-378. IF: 1.078.

MingHua Li, Jian Wu, JinPing Lin, DongZhi Wei*. Enhanced production of dihydroxyacetone from glycerol by overexpression of glycerol dehydrogenase in an alcohol dehydrogenase-deficient mutant of Gluconobacter oxydans. Bioresource Technology. 2010, 101(21): 8294-8299. IF: 4.253

MingHua Li, Jian Wu, JinPing Lin, DongZhi Wei*. Expression of vitreoscilla hemoglobin enhances cell growth and dihydroxyacetone production in Gluconobacter oxydans. Current Microbiology. 2010, 61(5): 370-375. IF: 1.510

Ji Zhang*, Jian Wu, JunYu Liang, YunPu Wang. Chemical characterization of Artemisia seed polysaccharide. Carbohydrate Polymers. 2007, 67: 213-218. IF: 3.167.


E-mail: wj9702@163.com

Tel: +86-15189109185

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