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Dr. Ji Rong from Nanjing University Visited School of the Environment

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On November 27, 2013, Dr. Ji Rong, professor of Nanjing University, made an academic visit to Jiangsu University. This visit was officially invited by Dr. Jianzhong Sun, deputy dean of School of Environment and director of Biofuels Institute. Dr. Ji delivered an interesting and impressive presentation titled as “Environmental Fate of Endocrine Disruptor Nonylphenol in Soil” which demonstrated his recent discoveries related to nonylphenol transformation and degradation in soil by isotope tracer technique in the conference room of School of Environment. He also had a detailed discussion with the researchers and graduate students about a potential collaboration in some areas. After the workshopProf. Ji toured the Biofuels Institute.

Dr. Ji Rong, professor at Institute for Environmental Health, Nanjing University, has worked in the Aachen University and the Max-Planck in German. Dr. Ji's research focus is on organic compounds (organic pollutants and natural organic material) degradation, transformation and other environmental processes and related mechanisms, isotope tracer technology and its application. He is a famous expert in the field of organic compounds transformation. Dr. Ji currently serves as PI for 17 national or international projects/grants including National 863 Program, EU international cooperation projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published more than 50 peer reviewed papers in Environment Science & Technology, Water Research and other SCI indexed journals.

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