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Dr. Yi-Heng Percival Zhang from Virginia Tech University, USA, visited Biofuels Institute

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Dr. Yi-Heng Percival Zhang, professor from Virginia Tech University, USA, visited biofuels institute at Jiangsu University and delivered an interesting presentation at Conference Center of Jiangsu University on May 26, 2014. Dr. Zhang’s visit was invited by Dr. Jian-Zhong Sun, director of Biofuels Institute, Jiangsu University. Prior to his presentation, a ceremony to award him as an adjunct professor position at Jiangsu University was held in the Conference Center. Prof. Wu Xiang-Yang, Dean of School of Environmental and Safety Engineering, representing Jiangsu University issued him the position certificate and congratulate him become one of faculty members at Jiangsu University. Prof. Sun, director of the biofuel institute hosted the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Prof. Zhang delivered a presentation entitled as Biotechnology Paradigm Shift: From Living Microorganisms to Cell Free Bio-manufacturing. Professor Zhang's research interests focused on energy and food security, the creative application of cell-free synthesis system as a tool in the biological hydrogen production system, conversion of cellulose to starch (artificial food production), enzyme fuel cell industry and other fields. He has made remarkable and impressive achievements in the fields he has involved.

More than 30 faculty, professionals, and graduate students from Biofuels Institute, the School of Environmental and Safety Engineering, School of the Energy and Power Engineering, as well as Nanjing Technology University participated Dr. Zhang’s presentation; following his interesting talking, a discussion session was opened for all participants. During a broad-spectrum topic discussion, Dr. Zhang further addressed audience’s questions and offered his suggestions to our graduate students regarding the dissertation research in his lab.

Dr. Yi-Heng Zhang joined the Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech University, USA, as a tenure-tracked assistant professor in Aug. 2005 and then to be promoted as a full professor in 2014. His research programs cover various areas and mainly focused on the biomass recycling, reuse and recovery for high value-added products and technologies. He is one of the active scientists in biofuel area in the world and has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal papers, which include some high quality journals, such as PNAS, Nature Communications, AngewChem, Trend in Biotechnology, etc. In addition, he has also published10 invited book chapters, and filed 10+ patents in his professional career. Currently, he also serves as the deputy editor for Energy Science & Engineering, PLOS one, and editorial board members for a variety of international Journals.

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